Update to and old favorite

I bought a shirt about a year ago, and I loved it. It was the perfect neutral, the stripes were just the right width to flatter instead of distract.

And now, it had a hole in the elbow. Oh no.

So I decided to fix it. Iron-on patches to the rescue!


I laid the shirt flat and ironed out the seams on the sleeves to make measuring easier. It was more of a pain than I thought to get them to lay flat, so a quick spin in the dryer did the trick.


I did a quick measuring job, taking advantage of the stripes to gauge how far up the sleeve I should position the patch.


To find the right position horizontally I just used my index finger and measuring one width away from the inner seam.


Like so.

Then I just had to iron it on, making sure everything stayed flat under the iron. I set the iron’s top corner down straight onto the patch and slowly worked outwards until it was tacked down. Then I turned up the heat and pressed it over again.

Then I just had to try it on.



(Bedside, I’ve always loved elbow patches, so this was the perfect excuse!)


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