How to get your money to #bemorethan

Money?  Can't we talk about something more interesting, like foreign policy, or GMOs?
Money? Can’t we talk about something more interesting, like foreign policy, or GMOs?

Hey millenials:  we are known for being Bad With Money.  There have been several pieces talking about it, in some form or another.  Whether it’s our student loan debt or our reckless spending habits, we are, rightly or wrongly, viewed as the least responsible generation.  By the Baby Boomers.  The generation that gave us actual hippies.  Guys, the hippies are judging us for being irresponsible and reckless.  I don’t feel like I can stress this enough.

But now that the oldest of us are steaming full speed into (or through) our thirties, its time to get serious about our finances, unless we want to depend on our boomer parents.  Something tells me that isn’t the best idea.

I recently discovered this cool site that tells you all about how to make your money work for you, in ways you might not have thought about.

Want to be financially independent?  There’s a calculator that will tell you how long it will take.

Financial Independence Calculator

Want to know how much money you actually make? Plug in all the numbers and find out (it’s not the hourly rate on your check stub, pal. Sorry).

Hourly wage

So go over to and use every one of their calculators.  Play with the numbers that you can change in real life, and see what changes you need to make in real life.  Then make the changes, and watch your financial situation become beautiful.

Become morethan, if you will.


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