An afternoon in San Francisco’s Mission District

I always hated jumping into pools, always preferring to dip my toes in first to quite literally test the waters. Plunging into freezing temperatures and gasping for the breath that would inevitably be sucked out of my lungs was just not my idea of a good time, even on the warmest of days. No, when it comes to swimming, I prefer to acclimatize myself one step at a time. But when it comes to travel, slow and steady isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Diving headfirst, with no time to think (or overthink), is my preferred method for exploring new places, and it hasn’t failed me yet. I may end up losing my breath, but it’s always in the best of ways. And if it ends up being cold, well, I can always buy a jacket.

Our most recent excursion was to the Mission district of San Francisco. We’d planned on going to a baseball game that evening, but with a whole day off work, we took advantage and decided to take in the city. Though we’ve been in SF many times, it feels like we have a tendency to stick to what we know. So instead of the same old Pier 39 and Embarcadero, we did a quick search of other neighborhoods in town and chose one at random. Mission it was. After a quick lunch at the Buena Vista Cafe (the parents suggested it for the killer Irish coffees – yum!), we headed over.

There were shops and art and lots of liquor stores and bars, each with layers upon layers of character and life in them. The streets, the walls and even the telephone poles were wonderful to look at. I clicked my camera in all directions, and here’s what I came up with:






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