What is it?

We go through life thinking everyone knows infinitely more than we know. How to dress, how to get to work on time, how to talk to the boss like they aren’t even a little bit terrified. We sit in awe of people doing things that we don’t know how to do, and wonder how come they know this stuff and we don’t – we’re pretty sure we would have noticed a class like that if it had been offered, right? Right?

Well here’s the thing that we always forget – just like we don’t know stuff, there was a time when they (whoever “they” is at the moment) didn’t know it either. They learned it. And they are not, contrary to our own view of them, coasting through life after suddenly learning the secret to everything. They just have other stuff to learn than we do. Hell, they could even learn from us! That is what makes life interesting.


In my opinion, that is the meaning of life – learning stuff every day. That person who knows her way around fashion can not only give you the honest truth about your beige sweater, but could even help explain why it works (or doesn’t) so you will know the truth yourself next time. Your coworker that you can set your watch by could share a few tips about what he does in the mornings that you could make use of in your routine, too. And that fearless friend who pulls no punches at work? Yeah, talk to them and just figure out how their mind works. You may never learn to be just like them, but you may learn how to interact with the next person who does – you may even be the boss someday – what!?

I don’t profess to be a teacher. I much prefer learning, through many different avenues. I am a voracious reader, love to know facts and figures and what’s going on in the world. But my favorite thing, the thing I honestly don’t do enough of, is to learn how to do things. Ah, now we’ve arrived at the substance of this blog: my experiences. The things I attempt to do. I have a great affinity for attempting things I don’t know how to do just to see what comes out of it. Sometimes, it turns out like I’d planned. Sometimes, it turns out like you’d expect – terrible. But more times than you might guess, it turns out good, if not exactly the way it was supposed to. It’s a happy accident and I learned what not to do next time.

So this is More Than Just A Blog. It’s my life.

And it can be yours, too.


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